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The Art of a Successful Implementation: An Insider’s View

As the economy booms, many construction firms are looking to streamline their current processes with the latest technology. However, getting your entire company up and running can seem like an almost impossible task. What if you could get an insider’s view into the implementation process and learn from a successful company who’s been there, done […]

At 2:00 pm

The Data-Driven Journey

The construction industry is facing numerous challenges and now is the time to find out the ways that you can better resolve those challenges through acquisition and data.

At 2:00 pm

Top 10 Critical Processes to Automate

What does a modern construction company look like? Although the basic physical act of building and maintaining hasn’t changed over time, the way construction companies operate has very much changed. We’d like to personally invite you to explore how 12 construction companies deployed technology to help them modernize, run more efficiently and effectively.

At 2:00 pm

ELD Is Here: Is Your Fleet Prepared?

Is your construction fleet ready for ELD? Now that the rules have been officially laid out, construction businesses affected by the mandate need to research technology options to make sure they are compliant before the end of 2017. Attend this webinar to learn more about ELD, HOS solutions, and how ELD will affect your fleet operations.

At 1:00 pm