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Why Unfair Contracts Lead to Failure

Contracts set the foundation for project success. Unbalanced contracts jeopardize project success and increase prices up to 20 percent. Technology, legal developments and the insurance market have all changed dramatically during the past 10 years. Learn how comprehensive updates recently made by ConsensusDocs offer significant advantages to you and your projects over other standard contracts […]

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Building a Dynamic Culture for Excellence in Construction

How do you change the culture of a construction firm with a rich, 60-year heritage? Hint: You don’t have to be like Google. It starts from the top down–with exceptional leaders who understand that a strong company culture leads to a stronger workforce and a better reputation. Join Wieland CEO Rob Krueger as he walks […]

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Optimize Your Time and Reduce Costs With Payment Automation

Technology is changing the way we do business, and the way your bills are received and paid is no exception. Automating this process saves your company significant time and cuts costs by 60 percent or more—not to mention how convenient it is for employees who are constantly in the field. Join us for this interactive […]

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Eating at the Big Kids’ Table: The Growing Impact of Tech-savvy Subs

Never before has there been a wider perceived gap between technology and the age-old craftsmanship still required to physically construct a project. It can seem daunting and even impractical to train a craft workforce in new tech; however, with the right approach, the potential for individual and team efficiencies can no longer be ignored. Learn […]

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The Art of a Successful Implementation: An Insider’s View

As the economy booms, many construction firms are looking to streamline their current processes with the latest technology. However, getting your entire company up and running can seem like an almost impossible task. What if you could get an insider’s view into the implementation process and learn from a successful company who’s been there, done […]

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The Data-Driven Journey

The construction industry is facing numerous challenges and now is the time to find out the ways that you can better resolve those challenges through acquisition and data.

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