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2020 Construction Economic Forecast

This presentation supplies detailed discussions regarding, global, national and regional economic performance using the most current data available. Special attention is devoted to certain aspects of economic life, including the performance of the financial, labor, real estate and construction markets.

At 2:00 pm

Offsite Construction: Myths, Methods and Measurable Impacts

Join us in this webinar for an in-depth conversation on offsite construction, including: what it is, what it isn’t, how it’s done and, ultimately—the impact it has for teams and companies. Offsite construction, or what’s sometimes referred to as “constructing,” is more than just prefabrication. Hear why this method is important not just to to […]

At 2:00 pm

Driving Productivity in the Field

Construction professionals working from the jobsite need access to information in real time, despite working in environments where both connectivity and time are limited. When the goal is to be on time and on budget, those in the field cannot afford to stray from their immediate demands with interruptions—like walking back to the trailer to […]

At 2:00 pm

Embrace the Field Safety and Compliance Revolution: Save Time and Mitigate Risk

Learn how technology solutions are reimagining the way construction teams capture, analyze and act on safety, compliance and quality data from the field. InEight’s chief product officer will share just how easily, consistently, quickly and accurately data can be captured in the field and instantly shared with the project team—enabling timely, compliant and actionable reporting. […]

At 2:00 pm

Leadership and Culture: Our Journey Into Building Inclusive Environments

Leadership and culture go hand in hand. In this webinar, you’ll hear from industry leaders on the past, current and future state of their culture, developing leaders and how they’re tackling some of construction’s biggest challenges related to the labor shortage. By focusing on culture and leadership, these industry trailblazers will share actionable strategies and tactics that have made a difference at their companies.

At 2:00 pm

Turning Field Reporting Into Actionable Business Intelligence

Nearly 95.5% of data currently being collected by engineering and construction firms goes unused or unanalyzed according to a 2018 FMI study. Turning this untapped data into business intelligence requires a strategic data mining plan that aligns with your company’s KPI’s and is championed by key stakeholders throughout your organization. Contrary to popular belief, it all begins with consistent field reporting.

At 2:00 pm