Adam Black

Gary Fuchs

Senior Workforce Advisor at LaborChart

Gary Fuchs spent 43 years in the construction industry, most notably as VP of Construction for Westphal Electric. While at Westphal, Gary implemented workforce management standards and best practices utilizing LaborChart, later joining the LaborChart team as Sr. Workforce Advisor.

Glenn Paddison

Industry Advisor

Grant Robbins


Greg Arlen

Director of Product

Greg Arlen is Tenna’s director of product where he is responsible for leading product strategy, UI/UX and the development of Tenna’s product roadmap. He has spent time at Tenna analyzing the performance data and information of connected industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices in order to provide customers a meaningful interface from an abundance of […]

Grant Hagen

Virtual Design and Construction Manager

Grant Hagen is a virtual design and construction manager at The Beck Group, an integrated architecture and construction company based in Dallas. Hagen leads technology implementation at Beck through research and development for Beck’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS or Drones) initiative. Coming from construction field operations, Hagen acts as the filter for software/hardware research from […]