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Effectively Implement Technology in the Field to Save Time and Increase Profits

Updating field technology comes with a unique set of challenges compared to implementing new office systems. Learn from industry experts who have perfected how to maximize the impact of their field technology investments.


The Technology Dilemma: Why Adding Technology Doesn’t Always Increase Productivity

We’ve all heard that adding technology to the construction project mix increases productivity, saves time and saves money. But experience doesn’t always back that up. Why not? Insights from ARC’s annual Design and Construction Market Intelligence Report debunk these three common myths about technology’s impact on construction.


Embrace the Field Safety and Compliance Revolution: Save Time and Mitigate Risk

Learn how technology solutions are reimagining the way construction teams capture, analyze and act on safety, compliance and quality data from the field. InEight’s chief product officer will share just how easily, consistently, quickly and accurately data can be captured in the field and instantly shared with the project team—enabling timely, compliant and actionable reporting. […]


From Precon to Closeout and Everything in Between: Automating Processes for Project Efficiencies

From preconstruction to closeout, and everything in between, hear how automating the collection and handover of critical project documents can transform your processes, create greater efficiencies for your teams and projects, and ultimately, bring peace of mind at the end of the day.


It’s Not Too Late: Tech You Still Have Time to Implement in 2019

Technology is transforming our industry, and it’s not too late to get on board with top tech trends that could make or break your company’s strategies in 2019 and beyond.


An Aerial View of Your Jobsite

There’s no denying it: drones have made their way into the construction industry. And they are here to stay. Today’s drones pack a big punch, helping project managers, superintendents, field engineers and virtual design + construction (VDC) teams build instant ROI with jobsite-ready maps and models. Time and again, drones save money, reduce downtime and improve safety on construction projects.


Five Ways the Right CRM Helps Win More Construction Projects

Client relationship management (CRM) tools are being adopted at a record pace in construction. In this competitive market, firms using manual and outdated ways to manage relationships are at risk of being a commodity.

This presentation will address important questions regarding the selection and usage of a CRM in construction, along with ROI points you may have never considered.


Eating at the Big Kids’ Table: The Growing Impact of Tech-savvy Subs

Never before has there been a wider perceived gap between technology and the age-old craftsmanship still required to physically construct a project. It can seem daunting and even impractical to train a craft workforce in new tech; however, with the right approach, the potential for individual and team efficiencies can no longer be ignored. Learn […]


The Art of a Successful Implementation: An Insider’s View

As the economy booms, many construction firms are looking to streamline their current processes with the latest technology. However, getting your entire company up and running can seem like an almost impossible task. What if you could get an insider’s view into the implementation process and learn from a successful company who’s been there, done […]


The Data-Driven Journey

The construction industry is facing numerous challenges and now is the time to find out the ways that you can better resolve those challenges through acquisition and data.