Matt Abeles

Matt Abeles

Vice President Construction Technology and Innovation ABC National

Matt Abeles is the Vice President of Construction Technology and Innovation for ABC National. In his role, he is responsible for educating, and innovating ABC members nationally through multiple mediums. He is also collaborating with the tech community, especially in his effort with the tech alliance, to bring exclusive offerings, content, education, and resources to ABC’s members and chapters. Helping our members be safer, more profitable and win work through technology and innovative is Matt’s primary objective. Matt helps leads ABC’s construction technology and innovation committee as well to ensure national efforts are constantly heading the right direction to ensure we are supporting our members in the right way.


Abeles has advised and raised capital for many construction technology companies, as well as positioned himself as an industry leader in the technology construction field. He co-founded BuiltWorlds in 2014, a media company and digital network for construction, real estate, finance and development leaders, which hosts global events and produces industry research. In this role, he was responsible for outreach to established and emerging players in the construction and real estate sectors developing next-generation technologies, as well as talking to influential audiences about the future of the construction industry.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Beyond the Fear: Why Digital Disruption Is Good for Your Construction Business 1 Hours March 24, 2021