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Five Key Principles for Construction Business Success

As contractors continue to navigate uncertainty, establishing a comprehensive long-term business success plan has never been more important. Through decades of supporting the construction industry, we’ve identified best practices for leveraging key principles to realize steady, predictable business growth. In this webinar, we will cover how contractors can focus on what will have the greatest […]


Construction in the Cloud: Fact vs. Fiction

The construction industry is often a laggard when it comes to adapting to the newest technologies. But even firms that adapt can fail to make the most out of their investment. Often, adapting new technologies can lead to siloed data, duplicate entries and tech support nightmares. Using a common data environment can facilitate integrations and smooth over movement of data […]


Preparing to Compete in the Fourth Industrial Age

The fourth industrial revolution is well under way. Characterized by advancements in automation, digital technologies and predictive analytics, organizations across a wide-spectrum of industries will face and must embrace change as the new reality. From planning to performance, the active ingredient to making needed transitions at an operational or individual level involves context—a clear connection […]