Streamline the RFI Process Across the Digital Journey​

The RFI process requires collaboration from many project stakeholders and can often be a contributing factor in project delays. Standardizing these processes not only helps eliminate downtime between parties, but also opens the door to begin collecting and analyzing pertinent data to make informed business decisions in the future. Join this webinar on May 27 […]


Improve Owner Trust With Enhanced Commissioning and Handover

While not the most glamorous phase of construction, commissioning and handover plays an important role in building a foundational relationship of trust between a general contractor and their client. A recent report published by FMI examines how levels of trust directly impact project outcomes and financial performance. One of the report’s findings states that “firms […]


Harness the Power of Construction Data

With the digitization of construction processes and the use of mobile devices on jobsites, we are seeing more data captured from our projects than ever before. This data can be used to improve overall quality and reduce project risk. But, according to a study by FMI, 95% of that data is going unused by construction […]


Improve Design Reviews With Better Technology 

We all know how important it is to catch design and constructibility issues early on in order to avoid costly mistakes or schedule delays. However, executing design reviews can be a disorganized and time-consuming process that often leads to rework. But it doesn’t have to be! Join this webinar to learn how construction technology can […]


Advancing Construction Quality

It’s safe to say that construction is in the prime of its digital revolution. Many contractors have adopted cloud software, as well as other technology, but many are still seeking out the best way to standardize processes so that they can reap the full benefits of their investments—specifically in regards to QA/QC management. When implementing […]


Measuring KPIs to Keep Projects on Track

Measuring performance is challenging in the construction industry because each project is unique—taking into account the design, schedule, site and team—and the process is continually impacted by dynamic factors—including labor, materials, changes and weather. As a result, many traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) are based on information that is already out of date when it […]


2020 Mid-Year Construction Economic Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked a nearly invincible economy—one associated with substantial job growth, multi-decade lows in unemployment, sturdy compensation increases, robust retail sales, low inflation and strong financial market performance—and it continues to wreak havoc on business as usual. CE invites you to join Anirban Basu, chief economist for both ABC and CFMA, as […]