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Reducing Construction Theft: A Step-by-Step Guide

Theft on a construction site is not uncommon, and it can have a significant impact on timelines, budgets and profits. With stolen equipment alone estimated at a billion dollars in losses each year, theft has been a problem that has plagued the industry since its inception. Luckily, as technology improves, construction leaders are finding better […]


Construction Executive’s 2021 Construction Economic Forecast

Back to the Future: Industry Hopes for a Return to Normalcy This presentation, themed as a tribute to 1980s movies, will focus upon the state of the economy nine months into the COVID-19-induced economic crisis.  Special attention will be given to real estate and construction dynamics, labor market performance, state and local government finances, financial market […]


In-Project Communication: How to Write Emails, Reports and Minutes That Could Save Your Bacon

Construction is a tough industry, and sometimes you have to play the cards that you’re dealt. Regardless of the results of negotiation, you’re beholden to the project—and a lot of communication occurs after the contract has been signed. In this webinar presented by construction lawyer Eliot Wagonheim of Wagonheim Law and WagonheimU, Wagonheim teaches you […]