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How to Build Better Relationships with Vendors through Electronic Payments

With electronic payments, your vendors can get paid faster and more accurately with excellent remittance details. Your team and vendors also can go online to see the status of payments, giving you greater visibility into your processes. Additionally, ePayments reduce your susceptibility to late fees.


Top 3 Reasons Construction Companies Are Making the Shift Toward Electronic Payments

Join us for this webinar to discover the top 3 benefits construction companies can receive from automating: the ability to grow construction revenue without increasing overhead, minimizing the risk of check fraud and increasing the security around payments, and reduced operating costs by 60%, or more.


Top 10 Critical Processes to Automate

What does a modern construction company look like? Although the basic physical act of building and maintaining hasn’t changed over time, the way construction companies operate has very much changed. We’d like to personally invite you to explore how 12 construction companies deployed technology to help them modernize, run more efficiently and effectively.