Four Ways to Scale Safety and Quality During the Building Boom


September 22, 2021 - 1:00 p.m. ET


Jake Freivald
VP, Product Marketing, Fulcrum

As construction firms prepare to scale their operations to support new infrastructure investments, they’re challenged to attain high-quality work in safe workplaces using newly hired workers—as well as long-term employees who are reluctant to adopt new technologies.

There are at least four ways a data-driven safety and quality program can help.

  • Increased inspection productivity can reduce the time it takes to complete safety and quality inspections, leading to fewer missed deadlines.
  • More rapid communication of hazards can lead to faster remediation and fewer safety incidents.
  • Turning ordinary actions into information can help you better understand, improve and demonstrate your safety posture—without adding more inspections.
  • Greater transparency can encourage more workers to adopt safer, higher-quality work practices, which will drive down your EMR and increase project quality.

This sounds great in theory, but construction companies often struggle to put these ideas into practice. This webinar will discuss how digitization of safety inspections and standard operating procedures can increase productivity, streamline communication, generate safety and quality data in real time, as well as promote transparency—all at scale.

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