Improve Productivity and Reduce Downtime With a Digital Asset Management System

Who Should Attend

  • Asset Managers
  • COO
  • Fleet Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Superintendent


December 9, 2020 - 2:00 p.m. ET


Tammy Bauer
Pro User Marketing Manager and Bluehound Business Owner, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Marko Milosevic
Product Owner, Bluehound, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

Construction workers spend approximately 30% of their time waiting instead of working due to unavailable equipment, delayed deliveries and workflow variations, which delay precursor steps. To mitigate these challenges, construction firms typically conduct daily job box inventory checks and manually record tool information with handwritten notes, whiteboards and spreadsheets. Besides the errors and inefficiencies that come with manual processes, information gathered through these means is not easily accessible to leaders who need reliable data to make procurement and planning decisions and recognize opportunities to improve productivity and profitability.

In this presentation, project managers, superintendents and construction executives will learn how digital asset management systems create opportunities to reduce waste and improve productivity. By capturing tool information without requiring manual intervention, these systems gather validated data that construction firms can use to optimize processes and planning. Fewer delays and greater accountability around assets results in an improved work experience for inventory managers and crew members while accessible, actionable data connects the office and the jobsite, preventing information silos. We will also discuss how digital asset management systems can support productivity methodologies (e.g., lean).

In this webinar, we’ll cover how: 

  • Documenting tool location history, operational status and asset deliveries across jobsites creates opportunities to reduce costly downtime and inefficiencies if actionable information is readily accessible through a digital platform.
  • Gathering data at the tool level without manual intervention enables leaders to make decisions based firmly in the reality of the jobsite.
  • A digital asset management system can support methodologies for optimizing productivity and creating value (e.g., 5S, lean).

Construction Executive does not provide CPE credits or certificates for webinar attendance

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