Yahia Kala

Yahia Kala

Product Manager, Analytics, CMiC

As the product manager of CMiC Analytics, Yahia Kala is responsible for the performance of the analytics platform— including developing robust dashboards and powerful self-serve analytics tools. Kala spent five years in consulting engineering and operational analytics before joining CMiC in 2021. He loves to connect with customers and software developers of his strategic developments—all […]

Steven Cangiano

Vice President, Product, CMiC

Steve Cangiano is CMiC’s vice president of product. He is responsible for overseeing the product management department and its goal to deliver reliable and well-designed software for CMiC’s customers. Joining CMiC in 2013, Cangiano started his career in presales (solutions) before moving on to his first product management role focusing on CMiC’s mobile field app. […]